Rep. Phil Roe Welcomed Radical Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Chris McDonald to Capitol Hill

Chris McDonald is a radical right-wing commentator whose nightly “The MC Files” program is a hotbed of outrageous conspiracy theories. Today, McDonald was on Capitol Hill, meeting with Republican Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee.

Roe has made multiple appearances on McDonald’s program in the last year, and reportedly invited McDonald to visit him in his D.C. office today.

In the past, McDonald has used his program to assert that opposing President Donald Trump is to oppose God himself, declare that Hillary Clinton “has made a covenant with the evil one,” and claim that Barack Obama uses coded “pedophile talk.”

Baselessly accusing people of being pedophiles is something of a specialty for McDonald, who has repeatedly smeared actor Tom Hanks with the allegation. He has done the same to Rep. Adam Schiff, asserting that the Democratic lawmaker is a “high-ranking Satanist” who practices human sacrifice.

McDonald has said that Rep. Ilhan Omar should be charged with treason and removed from Congress because she could potentially be a suicide bomber, has repeatedly blamed mass shootings on the Illuminati and Freemasons, and asserted that God killed Rep. Elijah Cummings for opposing Trump.

Just last week, McDonald said that Democrats and members of the Obama administration need to be publicly executed for treason and “swing from nooses” in order to send a message to the nation. Today, he was on Capitol Hill as a guest of a Republican member of Congress.