Chris McDonald: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Theology Is of Satan’

On his Sunday program, right-wing commentator Chris McDonald declared that the political agenda promoted by elected officials like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders is “of the devil.”

“God does not like evil tyranny destroying people and destroying a nation,” he said. “It is God’s fight, folks. This is not our fight, this is his fight. He wants America free. He doesn’t want it under the bonds of socialism and communism. He wants men to be free to worship God.”

“God is a god of freedom, he is not a god of communistic and socialism ideology,” McDonald added. “All of that is of the devil … When you hear Bernie Sanders and these other politicians out there espousing how great these things are—folks, I’m not trying to disparage them personally, but that theology, that ideology, it’s of Satan.”

“That’s Satan’s theology,” he continued. “Bernie’s theology is of the devil. Ocasio-Cortez’s theology is of Satan … This is a spiritual war, folks. That is a spirit. Let me tell you, all of these things that you hear about when you hear [socialism], it’s more than an ideology, it’s a spirit. The communist thing, it’s a spirit, it’s a principality that takes up residence over nations and causes entire nations to be controlled by it. That’s the kind of war we’re fighting.”