Right Wing Watch: Disrupting Extremism, Defending Democracy

Right Wing Watch equips community and cultural leaders and activists to meet the current challenges to democracy.

What’s at stake

America’s future as a diverse democratic society is at stake. Dangerous voices from the far-right fringes pull the broader conservative movement further from democratic values. MAGA leaders undermine supporters’ faith in democracy, encouraging a turn toward authoritarianism and political violence. Aggressive Christian nationalists and white nationalists fuel antisemitism, racially motivated violence, and harassment against LGBTQ people. Legislatures wage war on the right to vote and the freedom to read, teach, and learn the truth about American history. Our freedoms are at risk.

What we’re doing about it

Right Wing Watch exposes and disrupts antidemocratic forces through reporting and analysis, in-depth investigations, informative media production, and tools for activists. Right Wing Watch serves as an early warning system on dangerous candidates and movements—and an accountability mechanism for “establishment” players who embrace and enable them.

As a project of People For the American Way, Right Wing Watch informs the organizing and activism of its networks of progressive cultural, political, religious, and community leaders.

What we’ve accomplished

Right Wing Watch research, reporting, and analysis has helped activists, journalists, public officials, and scholars better understand and respond to far-right movements that threaten democracy and democratic values.

Our work has led to the deplatforming of dangerous promoters of disinformation like Alex Jones, and to legal action by state attorneys generals against televangelist Jim Bakker.

Right Wing Watch research was shown during a public hearing by the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol, and cited in at least one committee subpoena. Right Wing Watch was cited a dozen times in “Christian Nationalism and the January 6, 2021 Insurrection,” a report released in 2022 by Christians Against Christian Nationalism and allied groups.

When news broke in November 2022 that former President Donald Trump sat down to dinner with Kanye West—who was under fire for increasingly vocal antisemitism—and lesser-known white nationalist Nick Fuentes, media outlets seeking credible information on Fuentes turned to Right Wing Watch, which had covered the far-right figure for the past five years. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow acknowledged the value of our reporting on air, calling Right Wing Watch “a fire alarm system for the whole country” and a “great public service.”

What we need from you

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