Chris McDonald: Rep. Ilhan Omar Should Be Charged With Treason

On his “MC Files” program last night, right-wing commentator Chris McDonald continued his crusade against Rep. Ilhan Omar, tripling down on his assertion that she must be removed from office because she is potentially a suicide bomber, and calling for her to be charged with treason.

McDonald claimed that Omar, who is one of the first Muslim women ever elected to Congress, wants to abolish the Department of Homeland Security so that “her Islamic jihadist buddies can run roughshod over this land.”

“I would not put it past this woman if she didn’t have in her mind—and I’m not saying she would ever do it, I have no proof that she’s wanting to do it—but it would not be beyond me [to believe] that deep down in the recesses of her heart—and, at the very least, the people that support her—[want] to strap a bomb on themselves and to blow the living hell out of Capitol one day,” McDonald said. “That’s what jihadists do. Take that to the bank.”

McDonald then asked his guest, Shari Wassell, what steps could be taken to remove Omar from office, since it’s unlikely that she’ll be impeached and removed by Congress. Wassell said that she didn’t know, but suggested that Omar could be charged with treason.

“That’s a great answer,” McDonald said. “That is the answer. Do you think it’s treason? I do.”

“Absolutely,” replied Wassell.