Brownstoning: ‘Political Occultist Expert’ Says Zionists Are Using Pedophilia to Blackmail Members of Congress

Last week, right-wing commentator Christopher McDonald streamed a truly bizarre episode of his “The MC Files” program that featured a supposed “political occultist expert” named Cory Daniel who attempted to expose how Zionists in Washington, D.C. supposedly blackmail members of Congress into doing Israel’s bidding using a process called “brownstoning.”

“For those of you who don’t know, there is a thing called brownstoning,” Daniel said, “and this is where pedophilia comes in to the east coast. Let’s say you’re a freshman congressman or senator and you go to D.C. and get invited to a party with your family. Well, somebody will say, ‘Hey, there’s an after party, man, send your family home and come to the after party.’ And there’s a little bit of cocaine, you do a little bit of cocaine, that’s great and then, ‘Hey, we’re having a party next week, why don’t you come over?’  Now you’ve got some hookers and some cocaine and they bring in a minor and they say, ‘Go for it, don’t worry.'”

“They test you bit by bit and they pull you in,” he continued. “And then, when they get you with that minor, a guy comes to your office the next day and says, ‘Hey, someone videotaped us there, but don’t worry, we’re going to protect you. By the way, there is an initiative coming down the pike for passing a bill on X, Y, or Z.’ They got you!”

“That technique is called brownstoning,” Daniel claimed. “It’s the Zionists for Israel that are attempting to brownstone D.C. You wonder why America’s so tight with that, right? Us Christians, we say it’s because Judaism and Christianity are so tight and we’ve got to support them because they’re the chosen ones of God. Well, the Zionists know that it’s a power structure for survival and that’s a whole different conversation. But that’s going on and those are the control mechanisms and that’s what the pedophilia is being used for.”