Chris McDonald: Rep. Ilhan Omar Must Be Removed From Office Because She Might be a Suicide Bomber

On Friday’s installment of “The MC Files” program, host Chris McDonald declared that Rep. Ilhan Omar must be removed from Congress on the grounds that she might be a suicide bomber.

Omar, who was elected in 2018, is one of the first Muslim women ever elected to Congress—and that is enough for McDonald to conclude that she represents a danger to the other members of Congress and America as a whole.

“This lady is so radical, this lady embraces Islamic jihad,” McDonald said. “It would not be surprising to me if this lady don’t strap on a bomb and do something dastardly, that’s how radical she is.”

“She hates America and she hates Israel,” he continued. “And what do the jihadis do? That’s what they do … That’s what their religion does, and yet we’re sitting here, letting her make laws and have a voice in Congress. Personally, they need to have her out of Congress yesterday.”

“That’s how I feel how dangerous she is,” McDonald declared. “It’s not just diabolical, it’s dangerous because you’ve got somebody who hates this country and she’s not committed to the Constitution. And don’t think, for a second, that that thought—I guarantee you—had not flipped through her mind.”