Chris McDonald: Rep. Adam Schiff Is ‘a High-Ranking Satanist’ Who Practices Human Sacrifice

On Tuesday night’s edition of his “The MC Files” program, right-wing commentator and radical conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald baselessly asserted once again that Rep. Adam Schiff is a pedophile and a Satanist who practices human sacrifice.

McDonald asked his guest, Ricci Wilson of World For Jesus Ministries, if she had heard anything about Schiff supposedly being involved in pedophilia and human trafficking, to which Wilson replied that “there are some deep, dark secrets in his closet.”

“I believe that’s why he’s come against the president as much as he has,” Wilson said. “Many of the loudmouths against our president are heavily involved, either actively involved themselves, hands on, or they are receiving a tremendous monetary gain from human trafficking.”

That made perfect sense to McDonald, who said that he wouldn’t doubt the rumors that Schiff is also a “high-ranking Satanist” because that would explain why he senses such a dark, demonic power on Schiff whenever he hears his speak.

“When he speaks, it reminds me of Obama,” McDonald said. “I couldn’t listen to Barack Obama for more than two minutes without turning it off because there was an anointing on Obama that was so demonic. Everything that came out of his mouth, you felt like was a lie. I mean, every single statement. And Schiff is the same way. When he starts talking, I literally have to turn the volume down.”

“My spirit man goes off like an alarm,” he continued. “There is a demonic anointing on people like that.”

“Demonic power is gained through sacrifice,” Wilson agreed. “Human sacrifice.”