Chris McDonald: I’m ‘Accusing Adam Schiff of Being a Pedophile Because I Don’t Like Him’

Yesterday on his “The MC Files” program, right-wing commentator Chris McDonald alleged that Rep. Adam Schiff “is a pedophile”—while openly admitting that he doesn’t have any evidence to support that allegation and is making it primarily because he dislikes Schiff.

“This is the most dirtiest congressman in freaking Congress, short of Nancy Pelosi,” McDonald said. “This is a crooked SOB and when he talks, I swear, I just want to vomit.”

“He’s dirty,” McDonald continued. “I’ve heard rumors that he’s not only dirty, but he’s a pedophile. But he’s not only a pedophile, I’ve heard that he settled a case with a minor, or somebody—a sexual abuse thing—many years back and that’s been sort of shoved under the rug.”

“I’m not trying to impugn character, I’m not accusing him of anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s true because he’s creepy as hell and I don’t like him,” McDonald added. “I’m just being very honest. So Right Wing Watch, write that up, that Chris McDonald is accusing Adam Schiff of being a pedophile because I don’t like him. I can see the headline right now.”