Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald Expose the Connection Between Aurora, Christian Bale, and the Illuminati

Last week, there was a mass shooting at a manufacturing facility in Aurora, Illinois, in which five people were killed. Also last week, a former professional football player was fatally shot in Aurora, Colorado, and right-wing commentator Chris McDonald and so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor are convinced that both shootings were simply “false flags” created by the Illuminati to distract America from President Trump’s successful efforts to destroy the deep state.

McDonald kicked things off on his “The MC Files” program last night by linking both recent shootings to the 2012 mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” staring Christian Bale.

“There were 12 people who got killed on July 20, 2012,” McDonald said. “If you add those numbers together, it comes to 12. Look, these elites are not dumb. They are not stupid. They plan this stuff years in advance, months in advance, but it’s a false flag to get your attention off of the fact that President Trump is going after the deep state.”

Taylor agreed, noting that Christian Bale recently jokingly thanked Satan for giving him inspiration on how to portray former Vice President Dick Cheney in a recent film.

“Christian Bale just gave his allegiance to Satan,” Taylor said. “When you look at the name ‘Christian Bale,’ it’s an oxymoron. ‘Christian’ and ‘Baal.'” (Baal is a pagan God mentioned in the Bible.)

Taylor insisted that just as the 2016 mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was a false flag orchestrated by the Illuminati to distract the world from the Bilderberg meeting that was taking place at the time, last week’s shootings were likewise orchestrated for similar purposes.

Taylor even claimed that these two recent shootings had been predicted by QAnon.

“Q posted in the morning, he said, ‘Watch for false flags in the next ten days,'” Taylor said. “It wasn’t even six hours later that that shooting happened.”

“We are in World War III,” he added. “There’s no coincidence in those two shootings. You can link pretty much all this stuff, where it happens, how it happens, you just have to dig, you’ve got to find out and get revelation from the Lord as to what’s going on. But Aurora, Colorado, and Aurora, Illinois, there is just no coincidence those two things happened like that.”