Chris McDonald: ‘If They Committed Treason, They Need to Swing From Nooses’

On last night’s episode of “The MC Files” program, host Chris McDonald and his guest, “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, agreed that Democrats and members of the Obama administration need to be publicly executed for treason in order to send a message to the nation.

Disputing the New York Times’ report that the “Justice Department’s inspector general found no evidence that the F.B.I. attempted to place undercover agents or informants inside Donald J. Trump’s campaign in 2016,” McDonald and Taylor approvingly cited a Gateway Pundit piece from yesterday which asserted that the Democrats who are leading the impeachment effort against Trump should be hanged for treason.

“If they committed treason, they need to swing from nooses,” McDonald said. “They do. We need to have a modern-day truth serum and a truth pill in this country to let people know that this behavior, even in 2019, is unacceptable. You don’t do this to your nation. It would send a message to future generations, if the Lord tarries that long, that this is the penalty for subverting your government and subverting justice and subverting the Constitution. I guarantee you it would send a loud message to future ones that would like to try this again.”

Taylor, a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist about whom Liberty University made a movie last year, agreed, noting that Americans have never seen a fellow citizen executed for treason and so, “if they start executing [people] and if they go public with this mess, that this is what the penalty will be, guess what? This stuff will stop.”

Taylor then repeated his claim that the late Sen. John McCain was secretly executed for treason, “but not everybody knows that.”