Chris McDonald: Colorado School Shooting ‘Was a Masonic Ritual’

Right-wing commentator and radical conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald closed out his “The MC Files” program on Tuesday night by asserting that the shooting at a Colorado high school earlier that day “was a Masonic ritual.”

“I picked up on something quickly,” McDonald said. “Twenty seven. Two suspects, seven injured, that’s 27. And that’s 3 x 3 x 3. It was a Masonic ritual, a Masonic thing that took place today in Colorado.”

“I guarantee you,” McDonald continued, “there will be gun-control drums that’ll be beat over the next 24 hours, the rest of this week, somebody is going to come out and call for gun control. Folks, this is a distraction. It’s a Masonic attempt to control this nation, an in-your-face ‘blank you’ to this country, and we see through it.”

For the record, there was one person killed and eight injured in the shooting, with two suspects arrested, which would seemingly undermine McDonald’s assertion that the “two suspects and seven injured = 27” was a symbol of secret Masonic numerology.