Johnny Enlow Claims ‘Military Intelligence’ Will Soon Reveal the 2020 Election Was an Elaborate ‘Sting Operation’

QAnon conspiracy theorist and supposed “prophet” Johnny Enlow appeared on the Rig Nation YouTube channel Monday, where he continued to insist that former President Donald Trump is, in fact, still secretly the president, falsely claiming that Trump’s signature appeared on checks distributed by the federal government as part of the COVID-19 stimulus bill.

Enlow is among the various self-proclaimed “prophets” who guaranteed that Trump would win the 2020 election and now refuse to accept that their prophecies were wrong even though President Joe Biden has been in the White House for over two months.

“He won the election in numbers by far,” Enlow declared. “The numbers will come out. They’re going to come out very soon.”

Enlow asserted that right-wing election conspiracy theorists Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Mike Lindell all have obtained irrefutable proof that the election was stolen but that the proof has been “suppressed and censored.” He then claimed that it will soon be revealed that the entire election was an elaborate “sting operation” and that “military intelligence” recently filed a report documenting it all.

“There was actually a sting operation,” Enlow said. “They knew it was coming, and so even the military intelligence knows that 49 states, including California, went to Trump. [I have] inside military intelligence information that on March 10, they presented the seven-week report, and they acknowledge they know that the election was fraudulent and that it was essentially, from that standpoint, stolen from President Trump. And it was because every agency, every institution that was supposed to defend the Constitution and the people failed—the Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court intimidated; there’s been killing of the governor’s people and kids and staff behind the scenes, and so we don’t know what part of it’s blackmail, what part of it’s threat.”

“I will tell you, behind the scenes, [Trump] is still who carries power in this nation,” Enlow continued. “It ought to be answered this week alone by the fact that our stimulus checks—the stimulus checks, $1,400 for every person in America—they’re signed by Donald J. Trump, not Joe Biden.”

For the record, the stimulus checks are not signed by Trump.