‘Prophetess’ Amanda Grace Says Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is Proof He’s Still President

Right-wing author, commentator, and Trump cultist Eric Metaxas welcomed “prophetess” Amanda Grace on to his radio program Monday, where Grace declared that the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump is evidence that Trump is still the president.

On “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show,” Grace claimed that it is all part of God’s plan to make it appear as if Joe Biden is president so that everyone will know it was a miracle of God when Trump is put back into office.

“There has been a delay for a reason,” Grace said. “It’s not over, and it’s far from over with what the Lord is going to do with President Trump, what the Lord is going to do to the wicked of this nation, including the media. You know, I prophesied from the Lord in October about the media suffering the biggest crisis they ever had in 2021 for their crimes, so I’m watching for that to unfold.”

“There’s been a delay because I believe God is trying to get people’s eyes on him,” she continued. “He wants all eyes on him right now for the demonstration he’s going to put on. Just like when the Jews were at the Red Sea, and they’re there, and Egypt’s at their back, and it’s all eyes on God because either the Lord is going to do this, or it’s not going to happen. And when they thought there was a dead end, God saw a path through that water. So, God’s ways are much higher when he sees how to make a path when people don’t think there is a way.”

“The Lord has never said to me [Trump is] not going to serve a second term,” Grace added. “Sometimes what the Lord doesn’t say is as important as what he says. And he never said to me, ‘President Trump is not going to serve a second term.’ However, I do believe, because I prophesied this last night from the Lord, a surprise is coming with this impeachment because you can’t impeach a citizen. So something is very interesting here going on, because they’re trying to impeach a citizen right now, if he really is a citizen. You can only impeach a sitting president, so this is like we have dueling presidents right now. This is what it is: dueling presidents.”

“People’s actions speak louder than their words,” she declared. “These wicked people right now in Congress—who the Lord is going to deal severely with, by the way—you can only impeach a president. If he is really a citizen right now, how are you impeaching him? You can’t impeach a regular citizen. It’s not possible, not according to the law, not according to the Constitution. So their action—sometimes the actions of the wicked will give them away—are pointing that something is not quite kosher going on with who’s the president.”