Johnny Enlow Says Trump Can Impose Martial Law to Arrest and Execute Those Trying to Steal the Election

QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel Monday, where he claimed that President Donald Trump has the legal right to impose martial law on the country and arrest everyone who has been part of the alleged effort to steal the election from him.

Enlow, who is a leading proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, claimed that Trump is intentionally allowing the dispute over the election results to drag on because doing so creates more opportunity to expose those who are engaged in treason and must be arrested and executed.

Enlow said that it doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court eventually rules in favor of Joe Biden and the Electoral College certifies Biden’s win because Trump can ultimately play his “trump cards” by imposing martial law and arresting his political opponents.

“It doesn’t matter,” Enlow said. “There is an expectation of the Electoral College turning it over to Biden. I’m just going to tell you that the Trump side, they have that in mind, they’re prepared for that. If it has to go that far, it’s OK because that just puts the treason at an official legal level by doing that, and it makes certain high individuals, it makes them guilty at another level.”

“There is an emergency order from 2018 that this nation is operating under, and they literally are going to go down as traitors,” he added. “You go to the extreme case, it’s executable.”

“It’s not even that the Supreme Court is the last level, really,” Enlow insisted. “We are actually under emergency executive order, kind of a state of war, and President Trump literally has the right to put the whole nation under martial law, to take over social media, where he doesn’t have to have fake news taking his message and not allowing it to get out there. He has legal rights to do that at any time.”

“What he’s obligated to do as president is to defend this nation from foreign enemies, and he can activate that because what is proven is that foreign agents—China, Iran, Serbia, other ones—were trying to steal an election in this nation, both through the Dominion and the other software, but also through the money that they paid, the millions and millions they paid off,” he continued. “[Trump] can use his national emergency broadcast authority that he has and have on everyone’s cell phone, computer, it show up the actual information and proof of everything, show it to the American people and based on that, all these arrests have to be made of these. It’s not a political thing at all. It is a national security thing. And so he has about five levels of things to appeal to. He has the trump cards.”

In the less than 24 hours the video of Enlow has been on YouTube, it has amassed more than 34,000 views.