The Trump Prophecies: A Look Back at Some of the Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophets’ Who Guaranteed Trump’s Second Term

Since the moment he took office, President Donald Trump was hailed by his evangelical Christian supporters as a man personally chosen by God to save the United States.

Trump’s right-wing Christian base was so firmly convinced that he was “God’s man” that the movement provided fertile ground for various self-proclaimed “prophets” to rise up and create names for themselves by boldly declaring that they had heard directly from God that Trump was guaranteed a second term in office.

With President-elect Joe Biden set to be inaugurated today, we decided now would be a good time to take a look back as some of the false prophecies proclaimed by the likes of Pat Robertson, Curt Landry, Jeff Jansen, Sid Roth, Charlie Shamp, John Benefiel, Frank Amedia, Tracy Cooke, Rick Joyner, James Goll, Etienne Graves, Francine Fosdick, Jeremiah Johnson, Loren Sanford, and Robin Bullock.

In our review, we found that some “prophets” were so adamant in their prophecies regarding Trump’s reelection that they deserved their own video compilations chronicling the multiple instances in which they declared that it was guaranteed that Trump would win the election and serve a second term.

Kat Kerr

Mark Taylor

Hank Kunneman