Johnny Enlow Says Trump Is ‘Recognized From Heaven’ as the ‘Primary Government Leader of Planet Earth’

QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel Friday, where he declared that Donald Trump is “recognized from Heaven” as the legitimate president of the United States and that God is actively working to make it a reality here on Earth.

Enlow proclaimed that God will ensure that Trump will serve a second term and “it’s going to be fairly quick.”

“There’s all these dimensions that the Lord is coming to affect and change right now, and President Trump still has a very active, viable role in that,” Enlow said. “Believe me, God is doing things with him, and I won’t go into it more than that. But he’s not a passive player; he is recognized from Heaven [as] the primary government leader on planet Earth. People need to know that. From Heaven, President Trump is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth.”

Later in the program, Enlow, an ardent Trump supporter who repeatedly prophesied that Trump would win the election and remain president, bristled at the allegation that he’s a false prophet just because his prophecies about Trump didn’t come true. Enlow argued that while other people call him a prophet and he is recognized as one around the world, he doesn’t call himself a prophet, insisting that it’s up to each person who hears his prophecies to decide for themselves whether to regard him as a prophet.

“If you receive me as a prophet, I’m a prophet,” he said. “If you don’t, I’m not.”

Saying that he never claimed to get everything right 100 percent of the time, Enlow declared that therefore, “you can’t stone me either because I’m not a false prophet.”

Enlow then immediately turned around and vouched for his prophetic bona fides by rattling off a list of things he claims to have accurately prophesied, including the locations of gold, silver, and salt mines that he claims are now worth over $500 billion, and bragging that he’s so accurate that the legislature of Peru once awarded him a “diploma of honor” in recognition of his prophetic gifts.