‘Prophet’ Hank Kunneman Refuses to Repent for Repeatedly Prophesying Trump’s Reelection

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman was a prominent voice among the group of right-wing Christian pastors and activists who claimed to have heard from God that President Donald Trump would win the 2020 election and serve a second term in office.

Kunneman appeared on The Victory Channel’s “Flashpoint” program Tuesday night, just hours before Joe Biden was set to be inaugurated as president, where he declared that he would not repent for having repeatedly prophesied that Trump would remain president, likening himself to Noah from the Bible, who he said was mocked for years while building his ark until the floods came.

“God has remembered his covenant with America, and he’s going to remember his covenant with America, and there is going to come an intervention of God regarding the fraudulent election,” Kunneman declared. “So no, I’m not conceding.”

“God has not spoken to me to repent, to concede,” he continued. “And I’m asking that people afford me and others—other prophets, other believers, other pastors, intercessors—that are standing right now to hear God’s voice regarding it. And some of the demands for repentance that have happened, I think we’re gonna find have been a little bit premature because we’re basing everything on an inauguration date. Now, Inauguration Day may in fact be important, and it’s been consistent throughout history, but this has been unlike anything that we’ve seen. We’re talking about foreign interference that can be proven, that I believe will be proven. We’re also talking about a fraudulent election, so it makes the whole inauguration thing not be consistent.”

“I feel like we’re putting so much emphasis on an inauguration date, that the election has still some things that must be looked into, that will be looked into,” Kunneman said. “And you can’t tell me [that] over hundreds or thousands of prophetic voices, intercessors, believers, all missed it. In other words, I believe God is saying we need to wait and stand and take a position like David. Is there not a cause? And here’s what I would say, ‘Come back and talk to me in four years.’ You say, ‘That’s ridiculous. Four years? You said President Trump would be reelected.’ He was, but come back and talk to me in four years. In other words, they thought Noah was a fool. Noah prophesied something that had never been done in the history of the Earth. He said it would rain and the scoffers, the whole world was against him. You talk about a guy who the whole world was against, it was Noah. They scoffed at him, they rejected him, they mocked him. But in the end, they had prophetic blindness until God moved, and that’s what’s going to happen.”