Johnny Enlow Says Trump Has Been ‘Relatively Gracious’ for Someone Battling Satanic Pedophiles

Pastor Johnny Enlow, a leading proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, appeared on a YouTube program hosted by “prayer warrior” Donna Partow in September, where he said that Christians must “get over” President Donald Trump’s use of abusive attacks on his enemies and his use of vulgar language because he’s battling a cabal of evil satanic pedophiles.

Enlow, who is a full-blown QAnon conspiracy theory proponent, said that Christians don’t understand the “demonic forces” that Trump is fighting behind the scenes and so they “really do have to get over” Trump’s harsh personality and rhetoric.

“I wish he had his language toned down,” Enlow said. “But if we knew what he was facing behind the scenes and the attacks he gets. … You have a whole combination of the top demonic forces on the planet and the individuals aligned with that going after you, and you actually know—as opposed to almost all the American people—you actually know what they’ve done. … Luciferianism, organized crime, pedophilia, and just the highest satanism imaginable, and they’ve done this for a long time. When you know that, it’s amazing; I think he’s been relatively gracious for what he actually knows.”