Johnny Enlow Insists Trump Has Been Secretly ‘Ruling and Reigning’ as the True President

QAnon conspiracy theorist and supposed “prophet” Johnny Enlow adamantly refuses to accept that the prophecies he delivered guaranteeing that Donald Trump would win the 2020 presidential election did not come true. Since the election, Enlow has incessantly insisted that Trump won the election and remains the rightful president.

Earlier this week, Enlow declared that Trump currently sits upon “the presidency seat in Heaven” and will soon return to the White House. During an appearance on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel Thursday, Enlow took things a step further by declaring that Trump has secretly been president all along, that he retains control over the military, and that he has dedicated his time since leaving office to “accomplishing things that he could not accomplish” if he were still in the White House.

“I think a whole lot is going on behind the scenes,” Enlow said. “I think we have two presidents. Essentially, one’s over the corporation; one’s over the republic. One has the essential machinery of the economy and the essential machinery of the military, and one has things to do with other things; you can say what’s left, a little niche there.”

“There’s a moment of quick confrontation coming where it’s going to require that things go back fully, visibly in the order that the Lord has said, and that is President Trump will be there again,” Enlow continued. “We’ll find out he’s been ruling and reigning and accomplishing things that he could not accomplish even if he was in the full role of standing in the presidential seat because of the attacks he would be getting. It’s really saving him. There’s a kind of a strategic wisdom to do all you can while they have to shoot at somebody else.”