God Told Johnny Enlow Trump Got 88 Million Votes, Won 45 States Including California and New York

QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel Friday, where he declared that he had been told by God that any presidential election vote total showing President Donald Trump receiving fewer votes than he has followers on Twitter is fraudulent.

Enlow, who is a leading proponent of Seven Mountains Dominionism, spun a convoluted conspiracy theory alleging that there was a “red tsunami” in the 2018 midterm elections in which Republicans made massive gains, only to have those gains wiped out by Democratic voter fraud. Enlow claimed that the Trump campaign was aware of the rampant fraud, and rather than contest or expose it, they set up a “sting operation” for the 2020 election.

According to Enlow, the Trump campaign did not want to win the presidential election outright because that would have foiled its plans to expose the widespread fraud. And Enlow knows this, he claims, because God told it to him.

“It was a sting operation,” Enlow said. “They knew [the Democrats] had to cheat, and they knew they had to cheat a lot. They already knew they were going to cheat at least 15 percent, because that’s what they did last time. What they ended up having to do is to cheat by every means known to man. They had to do the Dominion software, they had to enter into the new algorithms, they had to freeze the election, produce new ballots, pull them out of suitcases. It’s the most flagrant cheating in history.”

“Until we see at least 88 million votes show up for Trump and 45 states, it will not have been [legitimate],” Enlow added. “The numbers are actually greater than that. I don’t know why the Lord gave me two sets of numbers, but he just says, ‘You’re not even seeing close to the truth unless you see at least 88 million.’ He told me in a weird way: ‘If you don’t see at least as many votes as he has followers on Twitter’—88.6 million followers on Twitter, and that has been squelched as well. And then the states, he went through just one by one with me and was telling me who was where. And so here’s the big news: California and New York both went red.”