Stew Peters Demands Red States Treat the Federal Government ‘As an Occupying Force’ In Response to Trump’s Latest Indictment

Extremist broadcaster Stew Peters reacted to former President Donald Trump’s latest indictment—this one stemming from his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia—by demanding that all states controlled by Republicans rise up in defiance of the federal government and treat the Biden administration as “an occupying power.”

The first order of business, Peters said during his Tuesday night broadcast, is for Republicans in Georgia to call a special legislative session to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from office and then shut down her office entirely.

“If a judge tries to stop you, ignore them,” Peters advised. “Ignore them.”

As for the other states controlled by Republicans, Peters declared that they must immediately “cease all cooperation with the federal government on anything.”

“No cooperation on any law enforcement,” Peters said. “No providing any requested federal data. Treat the Biden regime as, at best, an occupying power in a conquered land. Be defiant!”

For good measure, Peters also demanded that Republicans in Congress defund both the Department of Justice and the Defense Department.

Peters, who has a large following on social media and over half a million subscribers to his Rumble channel, is virulently anti-LGBTQ bigot who regularly uses his nightly program, speeches, and social media accounts to promote white nationalists and antisemites and to spread wild conspiracy theories, bigotry, and calls for violence. Nevertheless, Peters regularly manages to get Republican leaders, elected officials, and candidates for office to appear on his program.

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