Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Super Bowl Spiritual Warfare

  • Dave Daubenmire is going to wage “spiritual warfare” against Rihanna’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday: “Instead of offering our time and attention to the Halftime Orgy we invite you and those you are watching the game with to join us for 30 minutes of prayer and intercession as their Satanic ritual is streaming.”
  • David Brody’s “The Water Cooler” program on the Real America’s Voice network has come to an end.
  • It looks like the self-proclaimed “prophets” are starting to gravitate toward Ron DeSantis, with Charlie Shamp claiming that he received a vision several years ago revealing that DeSantis’ “ultimate future is to have a position in the United States as the president.”
  • Stew Peters is outraged that “Luke Skywalker is now a f*g.”
  • Finally, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network gave right-wing “comedian” Alex Stein a show, and things got off to a great start when guest Gavin McInnes began screaming at the audience to put their phones away.