Rep. Pete Sessions Agrees That the ‘Democrat Party Embraces Racism Against White People’

When white nationalist Lauren Witzke, who was the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate in Delaware in 2020, appeared on a YouTube program called “No White Guilt” last October, she assured the hosts that her boss, far-right broadcaster Stew Peters, shared her concerns that an “anti-white system” is allowing her white heritage to be destroyed by “animals.”

“Stew gets it,” Witzke said. “He gets the agenda.”

Since then, Peters has done nothing to contradict Witzke’s assertion that he shares her white nationalist agenda, given that he’s repeatedly used his program to heap praise on the white nationalist-friendly website VDARE, promoted the white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, and interviewed white nationalist Nick Fuentes on his show. Peters even spoke at Fuentes’ white nationalist AFPAC conference in February.

Now, a U.S. congressman seems to be following in Peters’ steps.

GOP Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas appeared Monday on “The Stew Peters Show,” where he agreed with Peters’ assertion that the “Democrat Party embraces racism against white people.”

“We’re being attacked at our southern border,” Peters said. “And they don’t want to talk about this because the great replacement is real. White Christian Americans, America First patriots, people who believe in conservative core values, they want them out and replaced. … The Democrat Party claims to be anti-discrimination, yet they want more and more discrimination against certain groups all the time. Are you willing to say that the modern Democrat Party embraces racism against white people?”

“Well, I don’t think there’s any question that they are pushing not just the narrative but the answers that would be exactly to that point,” Sessions replied. “When you look at the things which this Congress does, the conversation, when you look at the committee hearings, the outright lies that are being told about creation of wealth in this country, who is doing the things that are good for everybody, they’re attempting to throw that back. Not just on bankers, not just on the energy sector, not just on education, they are trying to throw this entire matter back.”

Sessions went on to complain about an unnamed “white student” who is captain of the football team and “scored a perfect score of 36 on his SAT” and has been deferred by every Ivy League school to which he has applied.

“He’s being deferred by every single one of these schools.” Sessions griped. “And it makes you wonder whether education has caught on also on being woke.”