Right-Wing Broadcaster Stew Peters Again Says Dr. Fauci Should Be Executed

When QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine teams up with radical right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters for an appearance on his “Stew Peters Show,” it usually results in a segment filled with unhinged rhetoric and wild conspiracy theories. Lorraine’s most recent appearance on Tuesday’s program provided both in droves.

Lorraine and Peters were outraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation that all students and staff, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks when schools open in the coming weeks. While Lorraine bizarrely declared that masks are “a sexual fetish” and accused parents of child abuse for having their children wear them, Peters ranted that vaccines are a poison bioweapon before calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s execution.

“No matter if you’ve been poisoned or not by the intentionally engineered bioweapon that is meant to kill, maim, and destroy,” Peters said. “This is not a vaccine.”

“It’s not a vaccine,” Lorraine agreed. “It’s a poison shot.”

“We know that if we would see someone with abused children and they let abuse happen over and over again, knowing it was happening, we would say you are a stupid parent,” Lorraine said. “You are stupid. Why are you letting this happen? Yeah, but at some point, if it continues, wouldn’t you think, ‘OK, you’re not just stupid, you’re complicit’? You’re complicit in this abuse because now you know what’s happening and you’re allowing it to happen. So, at what point—and I think that time is now, Stew—do we say, ‘You parents that are allowing your children to be strapped up with a sexual fetish, with a very abusive tool of submission, you are complicit in this’? Unless you go around and march and protest until this mask mandate is lifted and until any vaccine mask mandate is lifted, you are complicit in the abuse of children.”

Peters then dismissed the contentious exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and Fauci that took place during a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, claiming that Paul was just posturing for the purpose of raising campaign donations, and repeated his call for Fauci to be executed.

“He’s trying to make money,” Peters said. “If you really want to grill the guy, how about this? How about demand a criminal investigation, indict this guy on charges of crimes against humanity, and send him to the gallows? That’s what you should do.”

Peters them complained that “sane parents” such as himself are being pressured to harm their children.

“They’re trying to push you to go inject graphene oxide in your kid—a toxic substance, a poison—because you don’t want your kid masked,” he griped. “So, you either suffocate them or subject them to this weird sexual fetish, this bondage type display of subservience, or you go ahead and go poison the hell out of them and just maim them or permanently disable them or kill them.”