Right Wing Bonus Tracks: No Pagans, Atheists, or Jews

  • Tony Perkins mourns the signing of the Respect For Marriage Act: “Today is a dark day for religious freedom. President Biden has now unleashed one of the greatest assaults on religious freedom in modern history.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer declares that in order “To Make America Great Again we must FIRST Make America Godly Again.”
  • Andrew Torba proclaims that “Christians must support and uplift explicitly Christian leadership in: tech, media, news, entertainment, culture, and politics. No Pagans. No Atheists. No Jews. They can still enjoy the fruits of Christian leadership, rules, nations, and morality; but they can not lead us. No more. Never again.”
  • Stew Peters is thankful that “Monkeypox was a disease that was hard to spread and basically only effected degenerate faggots.”
  • Ali Alexander believes that he has prophetic abilities: “I think one of my spiritual gifts is that I am a seer. I do think that is one of my spiritual gifts. I have an uncanny ability to either flirt with prophecy or be endowed with prophecy.”
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn remains outraged that Democrats are being elected to the U.S. Senate and is now demanding that the 17th Amendment be repealed: