Stew Peters Heaps Praise on White Nationalist-Friendly VDare

After being fired from her position as co-host of the antisemitic conspiracy theory program “TruNews” last September, Lauren Witzke quickly landed a new job as a producer for “The Stew Peters Show.”

Witzke, who was the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate in Delaware in 2020, has a long history of associating with white nationalists, so it was no surprise when she appeared on a YouTube program called “No White Guilt” in October, where she spent an hour complaining that “the anti-white system” is allowing her white heritage to be destroyed by “animals” as part of “a giant humiliation ritual.”

During that same interview, Witzke revealed that her new boss, Stew Peters, shared those concerns.

“Stew gets it,” Witzke said. “He gets the agenda.”

Peters, a failed rapper and former bounty hunter who now hosts an increasingly popular conspiracy theory program on which GOP candidates, elected leaders, and former members of the Trump administration regularly appear, does indeed seem to “get the agenda,” as Witzke claimed. Just before the holidays, Peters aired a segment in which he heaped praise upon the white nationalist-promoting website VDare prior to interviewing its founder, Peter Brimelow, about the organization’s lawsuit against the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, after its annual conference was canceled in 2017 in the wake of the deadly white supremacist rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“It’s possible that no publication over the last 10 years has been vindicated more than,” Peters said. “For 22 years, it’s remained alive against shrieking and flailing efforts to silence its message. For its entire existence, VDare has been smeared as white nationalist for pushing to cut unrelenting flows of immigrants into the United States. They’re not white nationalist. That’s a lie.”

VDare is based on three principles, three ideas that virtually everyone in America believed for the vast majority of the country’s history The first principle is that America is real. It’s not some melting pot or just some arbitrary borders with a random collection of world travelers just dumped into it. America is a real nation with a real historic identity, founding principles, philosophies, values, aesthetics. The second principle is that demographics are destiny. Human beings are different from each other, and it doesn’t help anyone to lie about it and pretend that everything is a social construct. If America replaces its existing population with foreigners who are more violent or less capable, then this country will suffer. I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to grasp. It’s really quite simple. And VDare’s final principle is that America has a cultural identity that’s legitimate and worthy of defending. Diversity isn’t America’s strength, and if managed incorrectly, it can actually be its crippling weakness. America’s strength is its bedrock: the American people. And these people deserve to be protected from a globalist elite that hates them and wants them humiliated or destroyed and replaced or dead.

“If VDare were allowed to spread their message without being silenced or censored or shouted down, they would have massive support from Americans of all backgrounds. And that’s precisely why so many people desperately do not want them to spread their message,” Peters declared. “I highly recommend that you go to VDare, [it’s a] great publication, all kinds of insight, really brilliant people writing over there.”