QAnon ‘Prophet’ Johnny Enlow Says Trump ‘Would Be Justified in Calling for a Revolution’

Promoting the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump has become a basic requirement for just about any right-wing commentator, activist, or candidate who hopes to gain prominence within the modern-day Republican Party. But there is a group for whom pushing the Big Lie is not just politically expedient but existentially necessary: the so-called “prophets” who guaranteed Trump’s reelection.

Admitting that they were wrong about Trump’s reelection would be a devastating blow to the professional careers of these modern-day “prophets,” which is why so many of them resolutely refuse to admit that Trump lost.

Among these self-proclaimed “prophets,” few have been as adamant in insisting that Trump is still the president than Johnny Enlow.

Enlow, a QAnon conspiracy theorist and ardent Trump cultist, has steadfastly refused to admit that Trump lost, asserting repeatedly that Trump has secretly been “ruling and reigning” as president since leaving the White House and that Trump is recognized in Heaven as the true president.

Enlow even went so far as to declare that Trump has actually been “president of the world” since leaving office.

Given that Enlow believes, despite all evidence, that Trump is the legitimate leader of this nation (and the entire world), it is no surprise that he has insisted that Trump is entitled to take drastic steps to protect his supposed position of authority.

Appearing on the “Elijah Steams” program Monday, Enlow asserted that Trump would be entirely “justified in calling for revolution” if he believes it necessary to save the country.

“[Trump] is the number one kingdom asset for government on planet Earth and has been,” Enlow said. “That has not changed. And just because there’s a stealing of an election, his influence is so powerful—I don’t think people understand that if he really was panicked about us losing [the country] … he would be justified in calling for a revolution and saying, ‘We have to fight for my kids and for my kids’ kids’ sake, we have to be willing [to fight].”

“If he made that call, they would find out he is the man power in this in this country, not only in the eyes of God, but in the eyes of men,” Enlow continued. “If he gave any hint or evidence that we have lost it completely … if ever he just put on the desperation thing [and said], ‘It’s time to take up arms, we have to be willing to go’—if he did that, they would find out how powerful he actually is.”

Enlow is a respected leader within the modern-day Charismatic movement and makes regular weekly appearances on “Elijah Streams,” which is produced by the extremely influential Elijah List website, where his programs rack up thousands of views.

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