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Brian Tashman, Tuesday 08/04/2015, 5:20pm
Jeb Bush tells the Southern Baptist Convention that he wants to defund Planned Parenthood because he doesn’t think “we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.”  Two men in Mississippi reportedly open fired at military service members at a Jade Helm 15 training site. The NRA is now going after the actress Amy Schumer because she is advocating for tougher gun laws. Don Feder explains that “for liberals, deaths only matter when they can be used to indict racist America or attack the private ownership of firearms.”... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Monday 06/29/2015, 2:00pm
Religious Right activists aren’t holding back in their response to the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, with more conservative pundits giving voice to their predictions that the U.S. will now face God’s wrath. Pastor Scott Lively urged Americans to get ready for divine punishment: In response to the ruling, Mr. Obama called it an example of “justice that arrives like a thunderbolt.” That phrase turns logic and morality on its head as it relates to official government endorsement of sexual perversion. But I suspect it will eventually, perhaps very... MORE >
Miranda Blue, Monday 06/01/2015, 2:15pm
At a World Congress of Families regional event in Belgrade in April, the group’s communications director, Don Feder, declared that a worldwide effort is needed to overthrow the “sexual revolution,” including the widespread acceptance of contraception, which he said leads to “death” by “preventing life from happening" and will ultimately lead to the "extinction" of humanity. WCF, which will hold its annual conference in Salt Lake City this year, has from its inception pushed fears of a “demographic winter” caused by low... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 04/15/2015, 3:30pm
Long a target of frenzied right-wing smear campaigns, Hillary Clinton faced attacks during her tenure as secretary of state from activists and pundits who claimed she was trying destroy the U.S., impose Sharia law and shut down churches across America. And that doesn’t even include the Benghazi truthers who have tried to exploit the deadly 2012 terrorist attack on an American diplomatic compound in Libya by coming up with bizarre, easily debunked, conspiracy theories about Clinton’s handling of the incident.  Now that Clinton has officially announced her second presidential... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 04/14/2015, 11:00am
Don Feder of the World Congress of Families is out today with a column titled “Top Ten Reasons Why Hitlery Will Never Be President,” in which he calls the former secretary of state “a frustrated, middle-aged feminist who's perpetually incensed.” Feder, decrying Clinton as an elitist and a radical ideologue, ends his piece by asserting that Clinton will be brought down by “the hideousness factor.” The “pro-family” activist writes that “Lyndon Baines Johnson was the last profoundly ugly candidate to be elected president,” adding... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Thursday 03/26/2015, 10:50am
Don Feder of the World Congress of Families greeted Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign announcement at Liberty University by arguing that while “there will never be another” Ronald Reagan, Cruz comes pretty close. Just like Cruz, Feder said in his column yesterday, Reagan too “alienated the Republican establishment” and had been labeled as “too extreme” and “too flamboyant” by naysayers who believed he had “absolutely no chance of becoming president.” Feder said that Cruz picked up the baton from Reagan by declaring his bid at... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/10/2015, 12:50pm
World Congress of Families spokesman Don Feder is joining in the Religious Right outrage over the National Prayer Breakfast speech in which President Obama dared to mention that many people have distorted the Christian faith to justify violence and oppression, much like how groups such as ISIS distort Islam today. While Feder wonders in a column published yesterday if Obama will become an “imam” or “Sheik of Chicago” in “the coming Caliphate,” he writes that he does not believe Obama is a Muslim. Instead, Feder claims that Obama is “slavishly devoted... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Monday 01/26/2015, 2:50pm
Don Feder of the World Congress of Families is pretty sure that “Barack Hussein Obama is perhaps the greatest tragedy to befall the Jews since the destruction of the Second Temple” in 70 AD. This apparently means that, according to Feder, the Obama presidency has been worse for the Jewish people than such atrocities as the Holocaust and the Pogroms. “Our president is a world-class crescent-kisser,” Feder writes. “In his State of the Union address – between striking Mussolini-like poses and lying about employment – the president disclosed that as part... MORE >