Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Illuminati Code

  • Don Feder says that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “a doctrinaire ditz.”
  • Right-wing pastor Paul Begley is now using the QAnon phenomenon to hawk Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.
  • Alveda King declares that “as an African American voice for justice, a defender of the sanctity of life, and perhaps most importantly a Christian evangelist, I stand with President Trump as he labors to build a wall. From my perspective, compassion trumps terror. Our prayers are needed more than ever. We must rally around the wall to avert crisis.”
  • Cathie Adams, who once suggested that Grover Norquist is a Muslim because he has a beard, is appalled by an effort by local Texas GOP officials to remove the vice-chairman of the local branch simply because he is a Muslim.
  • Finally, Liz Crokin has uncovered an “Illuminati code” in the response delivered by Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to President Trump’s border “crisis” address.