Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Greatest SOTU In History?

  • President Trump proves, once again, that he is fundamentally incapable of not lying.
  • Carl Gallups says that Trump’s State of the Union address was “epic” and maybe even the best one in history (though he can’t be sure about that because he never heard George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson speak.)
  • Matt Barber says that his new “Christian Civil Rights Watch” differs from organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center because, unlike SPLC, his organization is not “full of lies.”
  • Don Feder says that “‘DREAMERS’ is a soothing euphemism designed to maximize sympathy for a group of illegal aliens. If we called them SCREAMERS (for their raucous demonstrations) or SCHEMERS, would the public be as open to their demands?”
  • If there is a conspiracy theory floating around, you can rest assured that Dave Daubenmire is promoting it.
  • Self-described “New Right” social media figures like Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich prepare for the event that the much-hyped FISA memo will be a massive flop after Axios reported that White House sources expect the memo to be “a dud.”
  • Finally, Paul McGuire, co-author of the book “Trumpocalypse,” wants readers to know that when e and his co-author write about things like the Illuminati, it can’t be dismissed as a conspiracy theory because they used documented and verified sources.