Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The End of Pre-Trump Conservatism

  • Lance Wallnau reports that he met with Glenn Beck yesterday and that he will be back at the White House next week.
  • Tim Barton of WallBuilders is obviously preparing himself to one day take over his father’s role as the Religious Right’s favorite pseudo-historian: “We just don’t recognize the influence of the Ten Commandments or the influence on how many laws of America, and especially early America, were shaped specifically because of the Ten Commandment.”
  • The Family Research Council declares that “if we want good government, we need good people in it. We can’t have morally strong policies if the character of our leaders is weak. It’s time for Americans — and the church in particular — to step up in ways they haven’t before. One view is ultimately going to prevail.”
  • Don Feder has a new nickname for Beto O’Rourke: “Beto O’Dork.” Clever.
  • A group of conservatives has come together to declare that “there is no returning to the pre-Trump conservative consensus that collapsed in 2016.”
  • Rick Wiles once again spent another episode of his “TruNews” program attacking the Jews.
  • Finally, Richard Land proclaims that “the question of homosexual or lesbian relationships is a truth serum for evangelicals. If you believe the Bible, then you cannot condone same-sex relationships; and if you do condone same-sex relationships, then you have put yourself in judgment of scripture.”