Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Throbbing Middle Finger to God

  • Wayne Allyn Root warns that if former President Donald Trump is not elected in 2024, it will mean “the end of America, American exceptionalism, the American dream, capitalism and Judeo-Christian values. Forever.”
  • Don Feder declares that “in light of his abysmal record, the most fitting way for Mr. Biden to observe 9/11 is to resign from office forthwith and take Vice President Kamala Harris with him.”
  • Maybe one of the reasons that school boards are going off the rails is because someone like Ted Mische of National School Board Coalition is responsible for “getting conservative Christian candidates elected nationwide.”
  • Shane Vaughn is losing congregants because of his cultish devotion to Trump, but he doesn’t care: “God called me to stand up for America, to stand up for Donald Trump, and it’ll be a cold day at the gates of Hell before I ever shut up.”
  • Finally, Charlie Kirk proclaims that “the transgender thing happening in America” is “a throbbing middle finger to God” and then proceeds to deadname Lia Thomas and tell her “you’re an abomination to God.”