Right Wing Bonus Tracks: He’s Not Orange

  • Gerald Lameiro, who predicted that the Democrats would “shut down” before 2020 election and not even run a presidential candidate, is now predicting that the Democratic Party will “shut down in its entirety in 2021.”
  • Liz Crokin was invited to last night’s premier of the anti-choice movie “Unplanned.”
  • Don Feder says that while the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand was “reprehensible, compared to Islamic terrorism since 9/11, that’s small potatoes.”
  • Laurie Cardoza-Moore wants Rep. Ilhan Omar removed from office for treason: “She is a threat to our national security. She is a threat to our allies and their national security. She’s a threat to our Christian and Jewish communities. No, she has to go!”
  • Finally, Ann Vandersteel insists that President Trump “is not orange.”