Several GOP Candidates Are Joining QAnon Conspiracy Theorists for an Event in Pennsylvania

Alan and Francine Fosdick are full-blown QAnon conspiracy theorists who host a program called “Up Front In The Prophetic,” which has been relentless in promoting truly outrageous conspiracy theories. Francine Fosdick, the source of many of these conspiracy theories, has claimed that President Joe Biden was executed and replaced by an imposter wearing a mask, and she once hosted a prayer call aimed exposing former President Barack Obama’s supposed involvement in child trafficking and uncovering the “true identity” of Michelle Obama as a man.

Despite this, Pennsylvania GOP state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who is currently running for governor, has made multiple appearances on the Fosdicks’ program and even met with them in his office. Later this month, Mastriano and several other Republican candidates for office are scheduled to speak at a “Patriots Arise” event being organized by the Fosdicks in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, April 22 to April 23.

GOP candidates who will be joining Mastriano at the event include Teddy Daniels, who is running for lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania; Kathy Barnette, who is running for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania; Rick Bowers, who is running for state Senate in Maryland; and Dan Cox, who is running for governor in Maryland.

These candidates will share the stage with the likes of anti-vax QAnon conspiracy theorist Scott McKay (aka “Patriot Streetfighter”), who has repeatedly and openly threatened to kill health care providers.

Also speaking will be Christian nationalist pastor Shane Vaughn, a Trump cultist and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist who preaches that LGBTQ people are an “abomination.”

Christian author Sheila Holm, who once claimed that the “Men In Black” are real but were unable to control former President Donald Trump, will also grace the “Patriots Arise” event with her presence.

The event will also feature more well-known MAGA personalities like Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis, current Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington, and former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan.