Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The New Nazism

  • Curt Landry declares that Joe Biden “is not pro-life, and he is not pro-Israel, and that will bring a curse” on the United States if he is elected.
  • DeAnna Lorraine is mad at some of her friends for testing positive for COVID-19 because she insists they were not really sick, and just “added to the ridiculous inflated” number of cases.
  • Josh Bernstein wants to make something clear: “I’m not a racist. I’m an ideologue.”
  • Cirsten Weldon claims to have military intelligence that an effort will be made to assassinate President Donald Trump. She says that 55 such assassination attempts have already occurred, but that Trump has survived them all thanks to his clones.
  • Rick Wiles says that America is like a reverse Nazi Germany right now, where instead of requiring Jews to wear identifying marks, masks have become “the mark that you are part of the Nazis, and not wearing a mask is an indication that you are resisting the new Nazism.”
  • Finally, Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano was interviewed in his office by QAnon supporters Allen and Francine Fosdick of the “Up Front In The Prophetic” radio program.