‘This Is World War IV’: QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Scott McKay Vows to Wage War on Doctors and Nurses

Scott McKay was among the cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists who spoke at the most recent ReAwaken America tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona, last weekend, where he declared war on health care providers, whom he accused of using the COVID-19 pandemic to murder people.

McKay, a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist known online as Patriot Streetfighter, was outraged by the death of fellow QAnon and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Cirsten Weldon earlier this month and blamed the doctors and nurses at the hospital where she died of COVID-19 for her death. As such, he used his speaking slot at the ReAwaken America tour to stalk the stage while brandishing a tomahawk and declaring that “World War IV” is underway.

“Any of these doctors or nurses around the country that are involved in the murder of our people, they’re going to be spotlighted,” McKay said. “I’m dragging them out in the open. We’re going to spotlight them, show them to the whole world, I’m going to be naming them by name. If you have the courage to kill our people, you better have the courage to stand in a direct crosshairs of Patriot Streetfighter because this is now going to happen.”

“There’s no playing nice in this war because this is World War IV,” he continued. “World War III was a cold war; World War IV has been underway for decades. The elite powers in this world have decided to come after all of us and eliminate us from the planet. And I don’t mean maybe. It should be coming apparent to people in this day and age that they have created a global matrix system to kill us, to help us murder ourselves through chemtrails, through the corporate food industry, from big pharma, from the influence of the big media. This is all built not for your benefit or commerce; it’s built to create a commerce machine that they can keep you working to keep that matrix running, taking the money and profit from you—even the stores you buy in—to use that money to try to kill you. This is where we are.”