‘It’s Gonna Get Bloody’: Anti-Vax QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Scott McKay Threatens to Put ‘Bullets Inside’ Health Care Providers

Earlier this month, Scott McKay, a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist known online as Patriot Streetfighter, spoke at a ReAwaken America tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona, where he declared war on health care providers whom he blamed for the recent death of fellow QAnon and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Cirsten Weldon.

Stalking the stage while brandishing a tomahawk at the rally, McKay declared that “World War IV” is underway and warned doctors and nurses that if they “have the courage to kill our people, you better have the courage to stand in a direct crosshairs of Patriot Streetfighter because this is now going to happen.”

Following his remarks at the event, McKay sat down for an interview with David Scarlett of the program “His Glory” where McKay explicitly threatened violence.

“I’m going to name names—show pictures where I can—these are the nurses, doctors involved in murdering these people, and I’m going to start pushing these people into the public eye,” McKay said. “Let’s see how they like that battlefield.”

“We can’t allow the enemy or anybody to use our virtues against us,” he continued. “I don’t allow anybody to use the semantics of language or use my virtues against me. This is war. It’s gonna get bloody, and I’m going to get ugly too; no less ugly than any 1776 preacher that dropped his Bible on the lectern, grabbed his muzzle loader or musket, and went out and put balls and bullets inside people and watched blood flow on a battlefield. That’s what they had to do. That’s the name of Christ.”

“It’s an evil enemy,” McKay declared. “Any of the minions, including the doctors and nurses who were part of it—knowingly or unknowingly, that’s not for me to sort out—but they need to know what’s coming next. And that’s the only other battle that I can see in my future now coming up after what happened to Cirsten W.”