Johnny Enlow Sees Prophetic Significance For Trump in the Super Bowl

QAnon conspiracy theorist and supposed “prophet” Johnny Enlow streamed a “special prophetic broadcast” on his YouTube page Monday morning in which he sought to reveal the supposed prophetic significance in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory Sunday night.

Enlow, who claimed in January that the result of the college football national championship game was a prophetic sign that President Donald Trump would remain in office (he didn’t), asserted that a game-sealing interception by Buccaneers’ linebacker Devin White near the end of the game prophetically signaled that Trump will return to office because White wears the number 45.

“A snapshot that really gives the big picture revelation is what happened with just under two minutes left in the game and a player named Devin White—number 45 for the Tampa Bay Bucs—number 45 intercepts in the end zone a pass from the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback,” Enlow said. “And with that, what takes place immediately is celebration begins.”

“All the observers already knew even before that point that Tampa Bay had won the game, because they had a huge lead.,” he continued. “It was 31-9, but at that point, it took out even the possibility [of a comeback], that was just it, there was no miracle comeback at that point, once number 45 [intercepted the pass]. So, I’m going to make a [prophetic] connection with number 45 intercepting the enemy in the end zone, and that’s when the celebration takes place, and I’m going to connect that with our president number 45—Donald Trump, the Cyrus 45, Isaiah 45 anointing—and so that’s where it ends, that’s the moment of celebration.”

Enlow went on to claim that the 31 points scored by the Buccaneers was 77.5 percent of the total number of points scored in the game, which he claimed “very likely could” represent the percentage of votes won by Trump in the 2020 election before it was allegedly stolen due to voter fraud.

“This game is just … jam packed with revelation on the reality of where we are, where we’ve been, [and] where we’re going,” Enlow proclaimed.