Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Join the Cavalcade of Conspiracy Theorists on the ReAwaken America Tour

Last Thursday, Clay Clark, a business consultant and right-wing podcaster, announced that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene will be participating in the next ReAwaken America event being held in Canton, Ohio, later this month.

Clark, a right-wing conspiracy theorist, began organizing ReAwaken America tour events in early 2021, bringing together a cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists to speak in churches all across the country.

Here are just some of the people who have spoken at previous ReAwaken America events and whom Taylor Greene will be sharing a stage with in Ohio:

Right-wing anti-vaccine “expert” Sherri Tenpenny, who claims that COVID-19 vaccines are part of a plot to turn people into “transhumanoids” via “quantum entanglement.”

Radical anti-vaccine activist Leah Dundas, whose “expertise” primarily consists of delivering speeches in which she screams that COVID-19 vaccines are “genocide” akin to the Holocaust.

Scott McKay, an anti-vaccine activist known as “Patriot Streetfighter” who openly and explicitly threatens to commit violence against healthcare providers.

Anti-vaccine “expert” Stella Immanuel, who claims to have prevented herself from contracting COVID-19 by screaming at the virus and releasing a “Holy Ghost hand grenade” against it.

Christian nationalist MAGA pastor and GOP congressional candidate Mark Burns, who declares that right-wing Christians are going to “take over” the country.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Bianca Gracia, who is running for a seat in the Texas state Senate because she claims to have been called by God to take her “rightful place” in government and “make the devil run.”

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Patrick Byrne, who bizarrely brags about trying to set the FBI up on “a rape and murder charge” by offering to murder his girlfriend.

QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel, who claims to be an “American state national” exempt from paying taxes and believes that her vote “has the power of four votes.”

Greg Locke, a radical right-wing pastor and conspiracy theorist who uses his Sunday sermons to literally scream at his congregation not to get vaccinated.

Right-wing “comedian” Jim Breuer.

Given that Taylor Greene has a long history of associating with radical right-wing activists and spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories, she will undoubtedly feel right at home among the ReAwaken America crowd.