Latinos for Trump President Believes Texas GOP Connected to Allen West Motorcycle Accident: ‘They Wanted Him Gone’

Latinos For Trump president Bianca Gracia suggested that Texas Republican Party officials attempted to kill former Rep. Allen West, who serves as an adviser to Garcia’s organization, to prevent him from being elected chairman of the Texas GOP.

Gracia, who is listed as a regional coalitions director on the Texas Republican Party’s staff page, appeared on “The MC Files” yesterday where she told host and radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald that she suspected that high-ranking Texas Republicans, perhaps even Gov. Greg Abbot, orchestrated the motorcycle accident that injured West earlier this year.

“You want to talk about my governor?” Gracia said. “People can call me conspiracy theorist all they want, I promise you, the Lord has gifted me with some discernment … but I can tell you right now, this is not a conspiracy theory. I saw things play out, and I almost was calling it before was even happening.”

“We had a big chairman race going on in the state of Texas,” she added. “We had Lt. Col. West running against the incumbent, James Dickey. James Dickey was an anti-Trumper. He became controlled by all of the elitists, OK? Governor on down, he was controlled. I know from a friend who knows what he knows what he knows—I won’t say how and I’m not gonna mention his name—but he said to me when I asked him, I said, ‘Do you think the governor doesn’t want Lt. Col. West to win?’ He says, ‘Oh, I guarantee you he doesn’t. Gov. Abbott has said they need to keep James Dickey in office because they can’—he didn’t use the word control—’but he’s friendly, and he will do what we need him to do’, is what he said.”

“Col. West on the other hand, isn’t going to stand for it,” Gracia continued. “He had already been calling the governor out. I don’t know if you read about this, but Lt. Col  West had an accident on that motorcycle. They never found out who hit him. He just left to rally at the state capitol. I don’t believe that it was antifa. I don’t believe it was the left. I think it was somebody within our own party. They wanted him gone.”