Bianca Gracia Vows to Take Her ‘Rightful Place’ in the Texas Senate and ‘Make the Devil Run’

The traveling cavalcade of various election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists who have been gathering in churches around the country every month for the last year as part of The ReAwaken America Tour stopped in Phoenix, Arizona, last weekend. Among the speakers at the latest stop was Latinos For Trump President Bianca Gracia, a right-wing activist and conspiracy theorist who is now running for a seat in the Texas state Senate.

Gracia told the crowd that she has been called by God to take her “rightful place” in the state capitol and “make the devil run.”

“The Lord said, ‘I need my remnant to rise up and take your rightful place in the government.’ So, I decided to run for Texas senate in District 11,” Gracia declared. “I literally am running against the establishment. But the Lord told me, ‘You’re going to the Capitol, and you’re gonna make those walls shake, and you’re gonna make the devil run!'”

“You ain’t taking my guns,” Gracia shouted. “You ain’t going after our faith. You ain’t going after our family. And let me tell you something: I will fight to the death because if that’s what my ancestors did, I will do it.”

“Nancy Pelosi, you can come and take it,” Gracia continued. “I’d like to see her call me down to that Capitol. I’ve got a few words for her and all her little cronies. And believe me, I’m taking a whole bunch of pastors with me because I got a whole bunch of pastors now. I said, ‘We’re gonna go perform an exorcism in there.'”