Mario Murillo Warns That ‘False Prophets’ Are Endangering Trump’s Reelection (Thanks to Right Wing Watch)

Earlier this year, right-wing evangelist Mario Murillo launched a crusade against various “false prophets” whom he claimed were repeatedly making outlandish statements and prophecies that “almost border on mental illness” and were, in the process, making the church look bad. In particular, Murillo singled out Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock, and Hank Kunneman; all three of whom had explicitly prophesied that former President Donald Trump would be reelected in 2020. Even though that didn’t happen, all three continue to insist that their prophecies were accurate.

Murillo eventually teamed up with Stephen Strang, the founder of Charisma Media, a Charismatic Pentecostal multimedia publishing company that produces books, podcasts, and the flagship “Charisma” magazine, all of which cater to those ensconced in the modern-day prophetic movement.

On Tuesday, Murillo made a return appearance on Strang’s podcast to continue his campaign, though he now seems to have dropped Kunneman and replaced him with Trump-loving self-proclaimed “prophet,” Julie Green.

Murillo, himself a Trump cultist who steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that Joe Biden is president, said that he must continue to call out these false prophets because they are endangering Trump’s reelection in 2024 by allowing organizations like Right Wing Watch to use their false prophecies and outlandish statements to make “us all look crazy.”

“Now I believe that Trump’s reelection will be impacted by false prophets making us all look crazy,” Murillo warned. “Because Trump is running again, we need to reiterate again where we stand.”

“The audiences that I speak to have become aware of these people,” Murillo continued. “And places like Right Wing Watch especially, and others, are using it as ammunition against Trump right now. And more than that, it’s dangerous because they’re using it as ammunition to people that I want to reach for Jesus, and I want them to know we’re not all crazy.”

Interestingly, while Murillo claims to be deeply concerned about false prophets like Kerr, Bullock, and Green, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the false prophecies issued by his frequent collaborator, Lance Wallnau, such as the declaration Wallnau made in April that there would be “sudden deaths coming in May” once God started killing those who have supposedly been “persecuting” Trump.

Despite the fact that that never happened and Wallnau was mocked for his false prophecy, that is not preventing Murillo from hosting another event with him in Colorado in July.

In fact, given Murillo’s own track record, he seems an unlikely candidate to be policing other “prophets” over rhetoric that might make people think they’re “all crazy.” Before the 2020 election, Murillo said that Trump had been sent by God. After Trump lost the 2020 election, Murillo declared that refusing to accept Biden’s victory was a test of loyalty to God, and warned that God would judge Christians who accept Biden as president. On the evening of Jan. 6, Murillo asserted that he knew “for a fact” that none of the rioters at the Capitol were Trump supporters. Since then he has told right-wing “prayer warriors” that they must see themselves as being “at war” and asked God to “bring your fire” against opponents of “the Christian righteous army of God.”

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