Mario Murillo Insists the Election Was Stolen Because He Cannot Accept That ‘Americans Are Idiots’ Who Elected Biden

Right-wing Trump-supporting evangelist Mario Murillo appeared on the “Truth Unveiled” YouTube program last Friday, where he told viewers that he continues to insist that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump through massive voter fraud because he simply cannot accept the alternative, which is that “Americans are idiots” who actually elected Joe Biden.

Murillo has resolutely refused to accept the results of the election, even going so far as to insist that refusing to accept Biden’s presidency is a sign of loyalty to God.

“You have one of two choices when you look at Biden, and the best answer is that it’s fraud that put him in there,” Murillo said. “Because the other one is that America is really stupid, and I don’t really want to face the fact that America is stupid.”

Murillo declared that under Trump, the economy was great and U.S. global stature was “being elevated,” so there is just no way that voters would have elected Biden instead.

“This man got the highest percentage of minority votes of any president that was ever Republican,” Murillo continued. “He got 12 million more votes than Obama did when Obama was reelected. And it’s so much easier to believe it’s fraud. It goes down easier. I can swallow that. Because otherwise I have to believe that Americans are idiots and that they would willfully put themselves in a position where a career politician with a rap sheet that absolutely is unbelievable is actually our president. It’s easier just to believe the truth, which is something nasty was done to us.”