Josh Bernstein Melts Down Over Mail-In Voting

Radical rightwing commentator Josh Bernstein had a bit of a meltdown in his most recent YouTube video as he frantically warned that Democrats are trying to steal the upcoming presidential election through the use of mail-in voting.

Bernstein, who is so opposed to anything other than in-person voting that he recently declared that senior citizens should be forced to vote in person even if doing so literally kills them, said that those who are pushing for expanded mail-in voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic are Satanic, evil people who “should have been aborted.”

“The Democrat media complex is keeping COVID in the news cycle so that they can push for mail-in ballots instead of voting in person for the 2020 election,” Bernstein said. “Why would that be? Well, pretty simple: Because they have a dementia-riddled piece of crap scumbag, child predator and molester as their nominee, and they know that he doesn’t excite anybody, except maybe pedophiles and sick twisted individuals. … They know that they have no chance, zero chance of winning. There is only one way they can win and that is to steal it, because they’re all a bunch of soulless pieces of crap.”

“These people should have been aborted,” he continued. “These people are disgusting. I’m pro-life too, but man, I would have loved to have these people ripped apart. OK? These people are sick. They’re evil. They’re twisted. They’re Satanic. They are absolute dog shit.”

“This election is truly Trump or death,” Bernstein warned. “It is the death of your America. It is the death of your Second Amendment. It is the death of your right to speak freely, my right to speak freely. OK? Everything is on the line. My career, everything is on the line. Take this serious, please. I am begging you to take this serious. Share this video, warts and all, language and all. I don’t care. I’m passionate. This is what I do, and I will do this to the last breath on Earth, OK? Because this to me is not work. This is passion. This is what I love to do. There’s not a minute, an hour, whatever, that goes by in the day where I’m not thinking to myself, ‘How can I do more? What else can I do to save this country?’ This shit ain’t no act for me. This is real. I live this shit. I breathe this shit, and I will until my last dying fucking breath.”