‘All Means Necessary’: Josh Bernstein Again Threatens Social Media Companies

During his appearance on Bill Deagle’s radio program earlier this week, radical right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein called on President Trump to order the military to arrest the heads of social media companies for supposedly censoring conservative voices on their platforms, and warned that failing to do so will result in “millions of Americans” rising up to address the issue “by any means possible.”

Today, Bernstein posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he repeated this threat.

“Silicon Valley is the worst threat that the United States faces and it’s about time that we do something about it,” he said. “President Trump, you need to rein in Silicon Valley and you need to do it yesterday.”

Bernstein called for the passage of an “internet bill of rights” and urged Trump to sign an executive order “to allow American citizens who are being censored to sue Silicon Valley companies,” saying that “if that all fails,” Trump should use the military to arrest the heads to these companies.

“We need to go into these companies with our military and we need to arrest the heads and CEOs of these organizations because they are in violation of our freedom of speech,” he said. “They cannot block our freedom of speech; that is constitutional. And yes, they can be held accountable, and, yes, President Trump can use his executive authority to rein these people in and that is what needs to be done.”

“If you think that you are going to silence me or millions of other conservatives out there, Silicon Valley, you have got another thing coming,” Bernstein warned. “That is not a threat, that’s a promise, because there are other ways that we will make sure that here in America, we have the right to speak freely and we will take all means necessary to ensure that that happens.”