Josh Bernstein Says He’s Been Granted White House Press Credentials for Trump Rally

President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Wednesday, and right-wing broadcaster Josh Bernstein reported Tuesday that the White House granted him media credentials to cover it.

“‘The Josh Bernstein Show’ is going to the Trump rally,” he announced on his show. “We have some passes, some media credentials from the White House.”

Bernstein is a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist who has repeatedly used his YouTube program to threaten violence and call for those who dare to oppose Trump to be tortured, charged with treason, and executed:

He has urged Trump to “become a dictator for patriotism,” to shut down critical media operations, and to arrest the heads of social media companies for supposedly discriminating against conservatives. Bernstein vowed to use “all means necessary” to fight this supposed censorship.

Bernstein called Christine Blasey Ford a “man-crazy little soon-to-be-whore,” said the Democratic Party should be designated a terrorist organization and shut down, urged Trump to start a war to help Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections, and declared that liberal Jews deserve to be called anti-Semitic slurs.

Last month, the White House received extensive criticism for granting press credentials to the virulently anti-Semitic “TruNews” network. By credentialing Bernstein, the White House is demonstrating yet again that seemingly no right-wing outlet is too radical to be granted a press pass.