Josh Bernstein: Democrats ‘Should Be Sterilized’

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein appeared on Bill Deagle’s “NutriMedical Report Show” radio program yesterday, where he declared that Democrats are “a bunch of degenerates” who should be sterilized.

Bernstein was so outraged by false reports that Democratic members of Congress have been vacationing in Puerto Rico instead of working with President Trump to end the government shutdown (they were actually in Puerto Rico to assess the island’s recovery from the destruction wrought by Hurricane Maria in 2017), that he likened the Democrats to the Nazis.

“They care more about getting a suntan than reopening the government and protecting our borders,” he fumed. “Democrats don’t care about Americans, they don’t care about their security, they don’t even care about their paychecks.”

“The bottom line is, and I hate to say this, these are the types of people that Americans fought against in World War II,” Bernstein said. “These are the ones who should be sterilized so we can start over. It’s absolutely sickening who these people are, what they represent, how little they care about this country. They are nothing but a bunch of degenerates.”