Hank Kunneman Says That Questioning His False Election Prophesies Is ‘Grievous to God’

Right-wing pastor Hank Kunneman has been one of the most obstinate of the self-proclaimed “prophets” who repeatedly guaranteed that former President Donald Trump would win reelection in 2020. For nearly a year, Kunneman has petulantly refused to apologize for his false prophesy, instead promising that God will reward those who stand with him while attacking those who have dared to criticize him.

Despite the fact that President Joe Biden has been in the White House for more than eight months now, Kunneman continues to insist that his prophecies regarding Trump’s victory were accurate. Appearing on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel Tuesday, Kunneman insisted that anyone who questions the accuracy of his prophesies or his standing as a prophet is insulting God and warned that God is testing people “to see really who is on the Lord’s side right now.”

“We’ve got four months that’s going to finish up this year, [and] God has a certain thing that he is poised to do, and he is doing. So don’t give up,” Kunneman said. “Don’t think that the year is coming to a close and we aren’t going to see the hand of God. No, it’s going to continue, and it’s going to be revealed in 2022.”

Kunneman claimed that on Aug. 16, 2020, “God prophesied through this vessel here that they would steal the election.”

“So, God knew ahead of time that they were going to do this,” he said. “So, anybody out there, if you are saying the election wasn’t stolen, that it’s the big 45 lie, you need to absolutely get a clue. Yeah, you really do. You’re wanting to not believe it on purpose. And that is grievous to God because God already said ahead of time this is what they were going to do.”

Of course, if anyone watches the “prophecy” that Kunneman delivered on Aug. 16, they will see that his message then was exactly the opposite of what he now claims it to be. He asserted at the time that God would thwart the plans of the enemy to sow chaos and steal the election.

Kunneman nonetheless asserted Tuesday that anyone who calls him a false prophet is failing a test laid out by God.

“The way God operates is not subject to man’s events, calendars, expectations,” Kunneman declared. “So, that means it’s not subject to our opinion. It’s not subject to certain things being able to change it. It’s going to happen, and there’s certain things that need to play out. And what God’s doing is testing us to see really who is on the Lord’s side right now.”