Hank Kunneman Begs God to ‘Burn Every Satanic Scheme’ That Seeks to Defeat Trump in 2020

Right-wing pastor Hank Kunneman held a special “Night of Prayer for America” service at his Lord of Hosts church in Omaha, Nebraska, last night during which he tearfully begged God to anoint and protect President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence, and their administration heading into the election while thwarting the plans of their enemies.

“Increase the anointing over this nation,” Kunneman prayed. “Increase the anointing over this president. Increase your anointing over Vice President Pence. Increase your anointing over this administration. For the enemy shall stumble, he shall fail, he shall fall, light be that exposes darkness. Father, expose the deception, expose the fraud. Father, we call upon a truthful election. We cry out for a truthful election. We cry out for a truthful, honest election.”

“Let there come an anointing that breaks every yoke that has been upon this land, that has been against this president,” Kunneman continued, while repeatedly speaking in tongues. “We call upon the fire of the Holy Ghost [to] burn every satanic altar, burn every satanic scheme, burn every incantation, burn every curse of darkness that is against this election, that is against your people, that is against this president, that is against this administration. … No weapon formed against this election shall prosper. No weapon formed against this president and this administration, it shall not prosper.”

Eventually Kunneman began to weep as he proclaimed that Jesus does not deserve to have to rule over a nation that has become as wicked as America.

“Jesus, you deserve the harvest that your blood was shed and died for,” Kunneman cried. “You deserve the church to have liberty and freedom. You deserve for children to not be aborted any longer in the Earth. You deserve, Jesus, your church to be empowered so that the harvest can be handed to you, Master. And so this night, I stand collectively as Moses stood before you, Great Jehovah God, and I say to you, ‘Shall you not remember your covenant?’ Shall you not remember, as Hezekiah who stood before you and said, ‘Remember the good that we have done’? I remind you of the good that this land has done for you and for the Earth.”