Hank Kunneman Says Christians Must Continue to Trust the ‘Prophets’ Who Guaranteed Trump’s Reelection

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman hosted a “Prophetic Pulse Conference Call” Wednesday night, where he continued to insist that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election, mainly because he cannot accept that “all of God’s messengers, prophets, intercessors, [and] Christians were somehow wrong” while “the enemy” and the “fake news” were right.

Kunneman is among the various self-proclaimed “prophets” who guaranteed that Trump would win the election and now refuse to accept that their prophecies were wrong even though President Joe Biden has been in the White House for over two months.

“President Trump won the election,” Kunneman asserted. “So, for people to say, ‘Well, people prophesied that he’d win,’ he did win, and so we had a stolen election.”

“President Trump is not going anywhere,” Kunneman added. “If you don’t like President Trump, that’s your problem because he’s not done talking, and God’s not done with him.”

Claiming that there “have been a lot of signs in the month of March” that the alleged voter fraud that supposedly stole the election from Trump will soon be exposed, Kunneman insisted that Christians must remain faithful that he and the other “prophets” were right when they declared that Trump would serve a second term.

“I’m sensing very strongly by the signs that God has given … that we are close to justice and righteousness being established,” he said. “What we cannot do is quit, give up, point the finger, and then begin to think, ‘Well, you know what? All of this was just a smokescreen.’ No, that’s what the enemy wants because it’s a sad day if all of God’s messengers, prophets, intercessors, [and] Christians were somehow wrong and the fake news that we know has been fake news were the voice of truth. I don’t think so.”